A Poem from the Time of the Virus

With drawings by Max Neumann
Translated by David Colmer
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One of the leading living European writers, Cees Nooteboom never shies away from contemporary issues. His latest collection of poems, Leaving, begins in a garden with descriptions of Mediterranean plants, but what emerges are memories of the war—images of a distant past that have never disappeared. The poems take another turn when, unexpectedly, a mysterious virus takes control of the world and turns life upside down.
A collection that can be read as a single poem, in which desolation and beauty, past and future, nostalgia and mortality all merge to represent the most mature work of a great poet. German artist Max Neumann’s haunting images that accompany the poems work as complex visual metaphors that further underline the beauty and the gravity of the poems. Together, they make for a delicate and thoughtful read.

Praise of the original Dutch edition:

Relying in this book more on his keen-edged etching needle than the enshrouding darkness, Nooteboom has carved us a subtle portrait of his spiritual poethood.Meander

Although the author does not shy away from big questions: “How many lives are there in a life?”, the answers are melancholic musings, with minimal variations, but no less accurate. Just like thinking, poetry is a joy. And the coronavirus? That slumbers between the lines and remains out of the picture, just like the “army of helpers”.’—Medisch Contact

ISBN: 9780857428837
Pages: 80
Publication Year: November 2021
Rights: UCP
Format: Hardback
Size: 6.25" x 9"
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