‘Translation is the common language of languages’—Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

Seagull Books was founded in 1982 as an independent Indian publishing house specializing in serious books on art, theatre and cinema. It now has a backlist of over 750 titles, introducing several thought-provoking never-before-heard voices translated into English from over 25 languages around the world.

Browse through Seagulls 2023–24 international catalogue (click the video below to open the document in full screen), featuring just published titles from Fall ’23, forthcoming titles from Spring ’24, a select backlist, as well as riveting excerpts and stunning designs.

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Over the past four decades, Seagull Books has been dedicated to publishing literature in translation with the conviction that translations build bridges across cultures. While we continue to publish in English, one of our aims has always been to encourage other publishers to translate our books into different languages. Through our rights catalogue, we are proud to represent several important authors whose voices deserve to be heard in many languages. 

Enjoy here Seagull’s 2023–24 rights catalogue (click the video below to open the document in full screen). Please note that this is only a selection of books and authors we represent—there are many more treasures. 


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For readers and booksellers in India: Browse through our catalogue curated for readers in India (click the video below to open the document in full screen), featuring just published and forthcoming titles 2022–23 along with some of our enduring classics, with their special India prices.

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