Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Do you want to be published by us but are not sure how to go about it? The following questions will help you understand how we at Seagull Books execute the process of submission and evaluation of proposals and manuscripts:

What kind of proposals are entertained and evaluated?
Seagull Books accepts proposals for books written originally in English or translated into English, including novels, novellas and collections of short stories; poetry collections and monographs; general and narrative non-fiction; biographies and memoirs; and books on current affairs, travel and philosophy. We also publish books on theatre and cinema, including playscripts and filmscripts. We are not textbook publishers, nor do we publish technical and scientific research studies/monographs and medical books. Therefore proposal focusing on any of these areas will automatically not be considered for publication by us.

What should my proposal contain?
Your proposal should contain a detailed synopsis and chapter outline, with two sample chapters in case of novels and other narrative non-fiction. For collections of short stories and poems, you should send in five sample stories and/or poems. Please also include a note on yourself.

Where do I send my proposal?
Please email your proposal and chapters in MS Word format to: Please do not post us a hard copy of your work.

If I come personally, will I get to meet with an editor and discuss my proposal?
Owing to high publication volumes, discussing individual proposals with the editorial team is, unfortunately, not possible.