Brian Doyle–Du Breuil

Brian Doyle–Du Breuil has translated a wide variety of books from Dutch/Flemish into English including Jef Geeraerts’ The Public Prosecutor (2009), Jacqueline van Maarsen’s Inheriting Anne Frank (2010), Christiaan Weijts’ The Window Dresser (2010), Tessa de Loo’s The Book of Doubt (2011), Paul Glaser’s Dancing with the Enemy (2012), and Bob Van Laerhoven’s Baudelaire’s Revenge (2014). He also translates poetry and literary nonfiction and is responsible for The Square of Revenge (2012) and The Midas Murders (2013), and From Bruges With Love (2015), the first three novels in Pieter Aspe’s Detective Van In series. Till 2022, he taught at the University of Leuven in Belgium.

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