Cees Nooteboom

Cees Nooteboom (b. 1933) is a Dutch author known for his novels, poetry and travel writing. One of the leading contemporary writers of Europe, his novels include Rituals, which received the Pegasus Prize in 1980; The Following Story; and Lost Paradise. Seagull Books has published Nooteboom’s Self-Portrait of an Other, his poetic collaboration with artist Max Neumann; his poetry collections Light Everywhere and Monk’s Eye; and his novel Mokusei! Nooteboom has received numerous awards including the Goethe Prize (2002), the Austrian State Prize for European Literature (2002), P. C. Hooft Award (2004), and Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren (2009). In 2020 he was awarded the prestigious Formentor Prize as ‘a universal author who writes with the consciousness of belonging to the great European cultural tradition’ and for having ‘exceeded with his incessant creativity the limit proposed by literary genres’.





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