The Book of Commentary / Unquiet Garden of the Soul

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Forthcoming in October 2023

A highly engaging exploration of existential questions, written in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Book of Commentary / Unquiet Garden of the Soul confronts the reader with questions of existential meaning, questions rendered all the more potent by the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic: How fragile are we as human beings? How fragile are our societies? What is a “self,” an “I,” a “community”? How are we to orient ourselves? And what, if any, role does commentary play? In a fashion that will be familiar to longtime admirers of Alexander Kluge, the book stretches both back in time to the medieval glossators of Bologna and forward into interstellar space with imagined travel to the moon Europa. Kluge’s characteristic brief, vignette-like prose passages are interspersed with images from his own film work and QR codes, forming a highly engaging, thoroughly contemporary read.

ISBN: 9781803092607
Pages: 292, 150 colour plates
Publication Year: October 2023
Format: Hardback
Size: 6”x 9”
Rights: UCP
Category: Fiction


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