A Note from the Publisher

Independence. Of choice. To do what you want to and not be dictated by ‘target audiences’. No one can know for certain what people will read. It is always after the ‘event’ that one grows wise to the fact. Often the same wisdom winks back at you and asks, ‘What if you throw me out of the window and let your good sense prevail?’ That gut feeling. Let it rise and envelop you. Do the thing you want. Not the right thing. Or its opposite—the wrong thing. Just the thing that must be done. Because. Well—because someone has to, so it may as well be you. The independent publisher.

Today we celebrate 37 years of independent publishing. Independent publishers thrive on relationships. With authors and with content. With the entire bookwriting bookmaking bookreading bookselling community. With cultures as wide apart as your average ocean. With readers equally widespread. And invisible. Till they choose to show themselves. But to make them appear, you need to make books they can relate to. Books that they can bet their life on. Not once. But each time they are published. Each time we publish. You know the phrase ‘going out on a limb’? Well, if you want to be independent, then you’d better get used to building a camp on that limb. That way you can stay on it. For ever.