Edge of Faith

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Located on the west coast of India along the Arabian Sea, Goa officially became an Indian state in 1987 after nearly 500 years of Portuguese rule. This conflict of cultures is captured by Indian photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta in The Edge of Faith. The book’s 70 striking photographs create an intimate portrait of the Catholic community in Goa rarely seen before—a portrait of people torn between their fidelity to a history of Portuguese faith and culture and their post-Independence Indian identity. In addition, acclaimed travel-writer William Dalrymple provides an accompanying text that explores both the history of Goa’s Catholic past and its struggle to deal with its multi-cultural, multi-religious present. The Edge of Faith captures Catholic Goa in a haunting, but beautiful impasse—caught in a time warp between comforting nostalgia and a doubt-ridden, insecure future.


Prabuddha Dasgupta’s Edge of Faith is a remarkably ruminative document of a lived experience. Better Photography
These black and white photographs capture Catholic Goa in a nostalgic limbo, people and places caught in a time warp. It shows the subjects caught between the known, familiar past and the unknown future. The Tribune
ISBN: 9781906497316
Pages: 170; 70 halftones
Format: Hardback
Rights: UCP
Size: 9.5" x 9.5"
Publication Year: October 2009
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