Is It the Same For You?

Illustrated by Priya Sebastian
Text by Neha Singh
Translated by
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‘The day they found my brother with a blood stain, I found one on my kurta too, but no one noticed my blood stain.’

Thus begins the story of a young girl in Kashmir as she goes through the turbulence of adolescence in her conflict-ridden world. While larger issues of terrorism, violence and death engulf the hearts and minds of all those around her, she struggles to come to terms with her changing body and all that it entails. Left alone to deal with her constant questions, she experiences despair and loneliness but also shows resilience and hope in the faint knowledge that maybe it is not very different for all young girls around the world: 'Is it the same for you?' she asks.
With powerful yet sensitive illustrations by Priya Sebastian, which infuse the story with a universality, this beautiful volume is a tender attempt in imagining the different strands of a young life in Kashmir—a place where the inner conflicts of voiceless, adolescent girls are often overshadowed by the political, religious, and military conflicts that are now a constant in everyday life.

‘With its beautiful illustrations and spartan text, Is It The Same For You? weaves a fine mesh of domestic intimacy and political happenings through the eyes of an adolescent girl in a place where life has been thrown out of gear. . . . The book deals with larger issues of terrorism while addressing the struggles of accepting a changing body. It is also a love letter to the little people of a land wrapped in a shawl of war and waiting.’—Deepa Alexander, Hindu. Read the full story here.

ISBN: 9780857426963
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Publication Year: October 2019
Pages: 40 pages, 17 colour plates
Format: Hardback
Rights: UCP
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