Like Bits of Wind

Selected Poetry and Poetic Prose, 1974- 2014
Translated by John Taylor
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One of the central figures from a remarkable generation of French-language poets, Pierre Chappuis has thus far only been represented in English translation in fragments: a few poems here and there in magazines, online reviews, and anthologies. Like Bits of Wind rights that wrong, offering a generous selection of Chappuis’s poetry and prose from the past forty years, drawn from several of his books. In these pages, Chappuis delves into long-standing questions of the essence of life, our relationship to landscape, the role of the perceiving self, and much more. His skeletal, haiku-like verse starkly contrasts with his more overtly poetic prose, which revels in sinuous lines and interpolated parentheticals. Together, the different forms are invigorating and exciting, the perfect introduction for English-language readers.
Like Bits of Wind utilizes prose for the poetic, verse to speak of the invisible, and the motions of nature to suggest metaphysical truths. Though often mysterious, the brevity of the poems opens them up to repeated scrutiny and unifies the reader with the poet’s process of searching for truth.’World Literature Today
‘When you visit Like Bits of Wind, you will find yourself entering a world that is essentially relevant and yet uniquely its own. Through an exploration of what is possible, and how it is possible, the poems here will arrive to you and transform you. These writings carry aesthetic consequences, in the best way possible. How Chappuis and Taylor have managed to do so much in a single collection, and yet remained accessible and inviting, is a feat unto itself. With its receipt, with its encounter, I feel only joy in offering it as a recommendation to readers of any form of poetry.’—Greg Bem, Yellow Rabbits Reviews
ISBN: 9780857423382
Pages: 336
Rights: UCP
Format: Hardback
Publication Year: July 2016
Size: 5" x 8.5"
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