Mother Muse Quintet

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Mother Muse Quintet is a memorial work of the imagination. Memory, like a veil that is translucent and yet shaped by an ever-present fog that lifts and settles, travels the path of multiple generations who appear as storytellers, as companions, as mysterious versions of the self and, poignantly, as Mother Muse—both birth mother and mother tongue.

Mother Muse, a vanishing presence, shapes the imagination of her son, like the heart beating or the wind dashing or the wave cresting. Mother Muse becomes the breath, gentle or fierce, of the poet’s own voice. He dreams and in dreaming, he writes and in writing, he finds a language so mysterious that, like the fog shawling the spectral presences throughout this text, it lifts and settles and lifts again in cadences of flux and fragility.

This is a haunting and hypnotic collection in which we feel silence and stillness seep into the crevices of language. The words—which seem to emerge from our own memories, dreams and secret vaults of imagination, as from the author’s—swirl, like time itself, in a slow, timeless vortex of loss and longing, death and life.

Published by Speaking Tiger Books.

ISBN: 9789354474965
Pages: 136
Format: Paperback
Publication Year: 2023
Category: Poetry


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