Of Matters Modern

The Experience of Modernity in Colonial and Postcolonial South Asia
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Of Matters Modern is a collection of essays that probe the experience of modernity in South Asia through narratives of specific issues and contexts, pushing the argument that such an experience has to be understood in connection with a global experience and not in isolation. The essays by distinguised contributors also critically engage with various concepts that inform debates on modernity. 


Editor’s Note
Introduction: Six Notes on a Partly Understood Phenomenon
   Debraj Bhattacharya
Who Sang the Hybrid Muse?: ‘Fusion’ Music in Late-Eighteenth-Century India
   Sharmadip Basu
The Assam Fever: Identities of a Disease and Diseases of an Identity
   Bodhisattva Kar
Sahib Outlaws in Colonial Calcutta
   Sumanta Banerjee
Michael Madhusudan Dutt (1824–73): A Bengali Poet with Italian Connections
   William Radice
The Politics of Reformist Islam in India: The Ambiguous Legacy of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
   Kingshuk Chatterjee
Zalim Daku and the Mystery of the Rubber Sea Monster: Urdu Detective Fiction in 1930s’ Punjab and the Experience of Colonial Modernity
   Markus Daechsel
Three Narratives on Modernity in a Colonial Metropolis: Calcutta During the Early Twentieth Century
   Debraj Bhattacharya
Critique of the Bhadralok and the Bhadralok Critic
   Parimal Ghosh
Supermother for a Nation: Reading Gandhari
   Aryak Guha
Residual Nationalism and the Indian (Radical?) Intellectual: On Indigenism, Authenticity and the Colonizer’s Presents
   Benjamin Zachariah
Notes on Contributors
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Publication Year: August 2007
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