Singers Die Twice

A Journey to the Land of Dhrupad
Translated by Samuel P. Willcocks
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Singers Die Twice: A Journey to the Land of Dhrupad tells the story of Peter Pannke’s life in music, his travels from Cologne to Varanasi, from Delhi to the forests of Vrindavan, from Darbhanga back to Berlin, of how he studied in the gharana of the famous Mallik family and became Germany’s best-known exponent of Indian classical music. His richly woven tale takes readers from the beginning of the gharana in the 1700s, through the last splendid days of the maharaja of Darbhanga and other proud patrons who inspired Satyajit Ray’s 1957 classic film The Music Room, to the Maha Kumbh Mela that opened the twenty-first century. Along the way, we meet colourful characters whose names are still known to every devotee of dhrupad: the grand old Pandit Ram Chatur Mallik, the pious and inspiring Pandit Vidur Mallik, Pannke himself, a master of the sarangi, and the humbler musicians and travelling players who bring music of all kinds to the fields of Bihar, across India and beyond. Singers Die Twice is the inspiring story of a master musician in the world that he loves.

ISBN: 9780857428295
Pages: 310
Size: 5" x 8"
Format: Paperback
Publication Year: March 2021
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