The Social Life of Democracy

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The Social Life of Democracy is a response to the polarization of our times and the crisis in democracy being experienced across the world today. Drawing from B. R. Ambedkar’s view that democracy is not a form of government but more a form of society and mental disposition, this book argues that democracy needs to be seen as a form of social life that has to be part of our everyday practice. Noting that the obstacles to realizing Ambedkar’s vision of democracy are both material and conceptual, philosopher Sundar Sarukkai critically examines the meaning of democratic action and the function of democracy in different domains ranging from homes to governments. He also examines its relation to labour, to science as well as to religion, and analyses the ethical processes that are central to democracy. Finally, clarifying the concepts of truth in politics and the ideas of freedom and choice, The Social Life of Democracy persuasively argues in favour of bringing democracy into our everyday lives rather than leaving it exclusively in the domain of electoral politics.

ISBN: 9781803091747
Publication Year: November 2022
Rights: UCP
Pages: 184
Format: Hardback
Size: 6" x 9"
Series: The India List
Category: Politics
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