The Wandering Life

Followed by ‘Another Era of Writing’
Translated by HOYT ROGERS
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Forthcoming in October 2023

The first English translation of Yves Bonnefoy’s account of his life as a traveler.

The Wandering Life is a poetic culmination of Yves Bonnefoy’s wanderings and characterizes the final twenty-five years of his work. Bonnefoy was an ardent traveler throughout his life, and his journeys in foreign countries left a profound imprint on his work. The time he spent in Italy, translating Shakespeare’s work in England, in universities in the United States, in India with Octavio Paz, and more, affected his poetry in discernible ways and inspired The Wandering Life. Interweaving verse and prose—vignettes that range from a few lines in length to several pages—this volume is a fitting capstone to Bonnefoy’s oeuvre and appears in English translation for the first time to mark the centenary of Yves Bonnefoy’s birth.

ISBN: 9781803092409
Pages: 156
Publication Year: October 2023
Format: Hardback
Size: 5.5”x 7.75”
Rights: UCP
Category: Poetry


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