Beyond the Land of Hattamala and Scandal in Fairyland

Translated by Suchanda Sarkar

Only for sale in India.

These two plays by legendary theatre practitioner Badal Sircar use witty, tongue-in-cheek comedy to communicate relevant social messages.

In Beyond the Land of Hattamala, Kena and Becha, two impudent thieves, jump into a river to escape being caught, and get washed up on the shores of a never-never land where buying and selling are alien concepts, since everyone works unitedly and everything belongs to the entire community, to be used and consumed as needed. Several hilarious misadventures follow as the pair adjusts to the situation.

In Scandal in Fairyland a street-smart newspaper boy vends the Daily Fairy Green which carries fresh news of the heroic Prince Thunderbolt, who is a champion at beheading ogres which threaten kingdoms. As the action unfolds we discover wheels within wheels, double-dealing and behind-the-scenes fixing. It all however ends happily in true fairytale fashion.

ISBN: 9788170460916
Pages: 68
Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Rights: India
Format: Paperback
Publication Year: 2003
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