La Divina Caricatura

Bunraku Meets Motown

With Photographs by Beatriz Schiller
and an Introduction by Arthur J. Sabatini
Translated by
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A graphic novel and performance poem, a mixed-media musical cartoon, an animated feature film come to life, La Divina Caricatura is in the pataphysical tradition of Alfred Jarry—if Jarry had been a Dante fan. In this collection, we meet unforgettable characters: Rose the Dog, who thinks she is a woman; her lover John, a junkie filmmaker; Ponzi Porco, PhD, a pig in love with the New York Times; and the Warrior Ant, who, to impress his father, Trotsky the Termite, declares the “perpetual revolution” of the bugs of the fifth world. Each a soul on its own pilgrimage, seldom with a Virgil or a Beatrice to guide them, they often try to guide one another, only to get more lost. A dazzling, comic, potent mix of ideas and character, invention and reality, the plays in La Divina Caricatura reinvigorate the stage for our time.


If You See Something, Say Something
Beatriz Schiller

Illusions, Reality and Performance in the Imagination of Lee Breuer : An Introduction
Arthur J. Sabatini


Shaggy Dog Animation

Ecco Porco

An Epidog

Porco Morto

ISBN: 9780857425577
Size: 6" x 9"
Format: Paperback
Publication Year: July 2019
Pages: 222, 32 colour plates
Rights: UCP
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