and Other Plays
Edited by April Sweeney and Brenda Werth
Translated by April Sweeney
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Forthcoming in December 2022

The best-known dramatic works of Paula in its first English translation.

This volume brings together the best-known dramatic works of Argentine playwright Romina Paula for the first time in English translation. As a playwright, novelist, actor, and director of theater and film, Paula defies traditional boundaries between the arts, engaging different modes of production, and borrowing freely from the languages of theater, film, dance, photography, and music. In the four plays collected here—The Sound It Makes (2007), The Whole of Time (2009), Fauna (2013), and Rewilding (2016)—Paula moves us to think about how we tell the stories of people’s lives, exploring synergies between documentary and fiction, and the role of art in expressing ideas of love, family, gender, and sexuality. Paula’s plays imagine worlds that are both poetically expansive and intimate. Paula belongs to a new generation of Argentine artists influenced by feminist activism and the collective mobilization against gender violence that has revolutionized Latin America in the early twenty-first century. Her vision expressed through these moving plays collected in this volume will be welcome by literature enthusiasts and activists alike.

ISBN: 9781803090849
Pages: 164
Publication Year: December 2022
Size: 6" x 7.5"
Rights: UCP
Format: Paperback
Series: In Performance


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