Nothing to Do with Love

and Other Plays
Edited by Samuel Buggeln and Noe Montez
Translated by Samuel Buggeln and Ariel Gurevich
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“Nothing to Do with Love” and Other Plays brings together, for the first time in English, several of Argentine playwright Santiago Loza’s major works, along with visual documentation of the playwright’s many productions and their historical and thematic contexts. For nearly twenty years, Loza has written scripts that have documented the experiences of marginalized individuals who live outside Buenos Aires or in its overlooked barrios, exploring how rural, working-class and otherwise marginal individuals inhabit a reality different from many of the urban audiences who flock to the nation’s theatre. Loza focuses his dramaturgy on individuals who lead lives as seamstresses, orphans, ranch hands, or disaffected adults talking about their problems without any expectation of resolution.

Loza’s plays provide a sense of the richness of Argentina’s contemporary theatre by giving voice to individuals whose lives are complicated by the economic fallout caused by Argentina’s adoption of neoliberal policies and the economic crash of 2001, as well as by the nation’s rapidly changing viewpoints on race, gender identity, and sexuality. The plays will appeal to English-speaking readers, inspire artistic directors and producing agents who have increasingly taken notice of Latin American playwrights and festivals, attract spectators, and stimulate academic discourse. “Nothing to Do with Love” and Other Plays draws attention anew to the contemporary theaters of Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

ISBN: 9780857428974
Pages: 252; 50 halftones
Publication Year: May 2022
Size: 6" x 7.5"
Rights: UCP
Format: Paperback
Series: In Performance
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