Selected Poems

Translated by Cristina Viti
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Forthcoming in June 2023

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The first English translation of an Italian poet known for his uncompromising integrity and strong leftist sympathy for the working man.

Born in a sub-proletarian ghetto in Italy in 1930 under the fascist regime, Luigi Di Ruscio was an urchin running wild in the countryside, a Communist with clear anarchist leanings, a jack-of-all-trades. In 1957 he emigrated to Oslo, where he worked for forty years in a steel-wire factory, spending his evenings at the typewriter, delving with furious energy into his native Italian. Di Ruscio insisted that whereas the language of power is always a contrived, one-way fabrication, the language of the underprivileged is upfront and direct, aiming straight and sharp for the truth. Caustic as a shopfloor scouring agent, exhilarating in its overabundance, humor, and outspokenness, Selected Poems stands as a testament of tenacity, a record of class struggle, and a vital presence for our times.

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ISBN: 9781803091587
Pages: 300
Publication Year: 2023
Size: 6.25" X 9.25"
Format: Paperback
Rights: UCP
Category: Poetry


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