The Still Arrow

Three Attempts to Annul Time
Translated by Lorenzo Chiesa
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‘The interdisciplinary scope of this book is its greatest strength. Despite being more than 40 years old, the text continues to offer fresh perspectives on how the handling of time by individuals, as repudiation of death, is reflected on a macro social level, e.g., among particular social groups and in the politics of memorialization. [. . .] Recommended.’Choice

Elvio Fachinelli was a leading Italian psychoanalyst whose clinical, theoretical, and activist work resonated well beyond his discipline. In The Still Arrow, Fachinelli launches an interdisciplinary investigation ranging from anthropology to politics, and from the history of religions to the critique of ideology.

Originally published in 1979, this book displays Fachinelli’s eclectic methodology. The Still Arrow goes against Freud’s attempt in Totem and Taboo to equate individual psycho-libidinal predicaments with those of whole societies. Yet, it argues that the difference between the two always remains one of degree, not of principle. The vexing problem of their relation is approached through an interrogation of time. From a psychoanalytic standpoint, individual obsessional neurosis is firmly connected to a repudiation of death. But, Fachinelli argues, comparable temporal strategies are also present at the group level, in disparate social and historical contexts, for instance, in the archaic transformation of the dead into ancestors and in what he names 'the fascist phenomenon'.

From this perspective, history is not just the sum of all possible histories but also of impossible ones. Fachinelli delineates an innovative knowledge of time which brings together apparently distant events into a characteristic series.

This first English translation of a book by Fachinelli, The Still Arrow introduces a major critical European voice to the larger readership.

ISBN: 9780857428516
Publication Year: November 2021
Rights: UCP
Pages: 134
Size: 6" x 9"
Format: Hardback
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