The Birth of Emma K.

Translated by Owen Good and Ottilie Mulzet
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Forthcoming in April 2023

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An inventive collection of stories by one of the most prominent and acclaimed writers in Hungary today.
The Birth of Emma K., a collection of twelve short stories rich with magic, introduces English-language readers to one of the most vibrant and original voices in contemporary Hungarian literature. Zsolt Láng’s new collection opens with God sitting on a bench looking over Budapest; later, a Hungarian man who has stumbled into a Romanian music theory class suddenly finds he is able to speak expertly about Hungarian composer Béla Bartok—and in perfect Romanian; and even later, against all odds, the embryo of Emma fights for her future life from within the womb. Drifting between melancholic and witty, in sentences that are winding, subtle, and colloquial, Láng’s stories are deeply rooted in Transylvanian culture and history. Reminiscent of the best writings of Irish modernist masters such as Samuel Beckett and Flann O’Brien, The Birth of Emma K. presents an unforgettable collage of human nature.

‘The Story of Emma K. sucks you in, whirls you around, and then, much like Emma K. herself, spits you out into a world that is complex and harsh, yet compelling and seductive—bounded by forces beyond our control, but in which we must inevitably take part. Like life itself, this collection will at times leave you dazed and confused, but craving more.’—Rachel Stanyon, Asymptote Journal. Read the full review here.

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ISBN: 9780857429865
Rights: UCP
Format: Hardback
Pages: 200
Size: 6" x 9"
Publication Year: June 2022
Category: Fiction


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